Annual review 2016

A message
from our CEO

Stephen Parker

"Best wishes to you all at Christmas. We have had a great 12 months of extending the functionality of our product suite — adding new integrations and new features. Moving into 2017 we have some major product innovations in progress that we can't wait to launch early in the new year.

In the meantime, here are some key company details from 2016. Before you read on, I would like to thank you for being part of our journey this year. It's our customers that makes it possible for us to create new jobs and new software and I speak not only for myself but for the whole team at Parker Software when I say that it is hugely appreciated."

Happy Christmas
Stephen Parker
CEO & Founder, Parker Software

The year in stats...

customers in
103 countries
500 metres
in real estate
support tickets taken
24 million
chat sessions powered
satisfaction rate
2.5 million
customer leads generated
27 newspaper articles
about us

39 employees
new faces
2 marriage proposals
1 baby

5 promotions

115 hours
spent in team building
5 billion customer
emails parsed
hours of software

7 international events

277 press features
175 blogs
5 infographics
3 books
plane trips
10 new
product demos

social impressions

1 united vision for the future

Our future roadmap

Some of you may remember that when Parker Software was first founded, we had a tiny team and a small base of loyal customers. These customers could speak to our CEO directly, making suggestions and giving product feedback. And because we were so small, any (good) suggested changes to the software would be made within a matter of days.

As we grew, we lost the ability to work so closely with every individual customer. Frankly, we miss that. So, you'll be glad to know that we're returning to our roots.

In 2017, our focus is firmly on your user experience. Our core goal is a very simple one: to solve digital challenges through innovation, and to deliver these solutions as cost effectively as possible to maximise your satisfaction.

But what will that look in practice? Well, we have a lot up our sleeves for our customers. Some of our new projects include:

  • An entirely new WhosOn interface, that's easier to use and much more pleasing on the eye

  • A self-service area, so you don't have to call or email us to make any changes to your account

  • Multiple website overhauls, to make your online experience quicker and clearer

  • A service quality audit initiative, to gather and act on your feedback on a regular basis

  • A new seamless inline stacked chat window that looks incredible and that your customers will love

A word from our customers

"The technical support from Parker Software is phenomenal. They are fast, efficient and friendly. It is extremely easy to have a good partnership when things are going well and there are no problems, but entirely different when issues arise. Parker Software has proven time and again that it cares, even after a sale."

Russell Horton, Project Manager for Chat at Pelco

"ThinkAutomation gives us a significant advantage over our competitors, as the system's flexibility streamlines processes and shortens work times while constantly updating and adapting to the needs of our global customer base."

Paul Murray, CIO of Flyte Tyme Transportation

"WhosOn was the ideal solution. The live chat tool allows us to respond more efficiently to customer enquiries instead of fielding large numbers of phone calls. In addition, the training that Parker Software provided for our agents really helped us deliver the same quality of service our customers have come to expect from our phone lines via a text-based tool."

Gordon Dyet, Social Media and Digital Communications Manager at ScottishPower

"Parker Software has consistently provided us with rapid resolutions to the very few problems we've ever had. Your service is top notch. You've allowed our company to save a lot of money and do things we never could before. I recommend the product whenever I can."

Jesse Cover, Founder, Lukie Games

"The fella who helped us out was awesome. He did't give up until we found the issue. I wish all customer service was as good as this."

Steve Rhyner, GL Solutions

Merry Christmas!
Here's to 2017.
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